The Oregon Mathematics Education Council


OMEC is the Kindergarten through College Mathematics Advisory Board for the state of Oregon. 

At its most recent meeting, members of OMEC were introduced to two documents describing common outcomes for two courses, Math in Society (Mth 105), and Quantitative Literacy (Mth 98).  The first was developed by representatives from all 17 two-year colleges, together with participants from some of the four-year institutions.   The second document was developed by representatives from all 17 two-year colleges. 

Having gone through editing changes/suggestions from all the participating partners, these documents are in their final form and can be distributed where appropriate.  The Mth 98 course is developed and run at some two-year schools and under development at other two-year schools.  Decisions on whether Mth 98 may serve as a prerequisite for Mth 211 and/or Mth 243 is under review.  The timeline for these decisions is the end of the fall 2015 term.    

Math 105  - Math in Society - Final Report for Review

Math 98 - Quantitative Literacy - Final Draft for Review

Updates on Mth 98 and Mth 105